Sunnyvale Cool Cities Team Letter

Mayor Otto Lee:

The Sunnyvale Cool Cities Team wishes to express our sincere appreciation for all you have done during your short, one-year term to lead Sunnyvale toward a sustainable future.

You used your position to draw attention to the importance of acting urgently to insure that generations-to-come enjoy a sustainable, healthy, and livable future.

  1. You lobbied your fellow mayors nationwide to address the threat of Global Climate Disruption.
  2. You emphasized the environment in your state-of- the- city address.
  3. You attended local climate action conferences and meetings to lend your support to these forums and to learn more about environmental issues.
  4. You established the Green Ribbon Committee to help accelerate Sunnyvale’s progress toward the green economy and sustainable community of the future.

In addition to drawing attention to green issues, you led the Council to unanimously adopt a series of policy initiatives which will help us reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and associated air pollution, dependence on foreign oil, energy waste, oil spills, and congestion.  On your watch:

  • The Council voted unanimously that Sunnyvale become a pledging partner of Sustainable Silicon Valley and adopt their goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from City government operations by 2010.
  • The Council unanimously adopted the Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement, pledging to work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the entire City of Sunnyvale–including cars, residences, and businesses–by 2012.
  • The Council unanimously voted to cut city fees for the inspection and permitting of solar power installation by 40%.

Thank you, Mr. Mayor, for all you have done during the past year to lift our City’s gaze to the future and act boldly to shape it.

Barbara Fukumoto

Sunnyvale Cool Cities Team