Otto on the Issues

Otto Lee is running for Supervisor to continue his lifelong dedication to public service, using his experience to improve Santa Clara County for everyone. As Supervisor, he will take real action to solve the problems that harm our community, including extreme cost of housing, increase in homelessness, and quality of life issues like public safety and traffic congestion. Otto is ready to use his experience to protect our children’s future and improve our community for all of us.

Affordable Housing

The cost of housing is hurting our young families, seniors and veterans. We need to do more to create more affordable housing, especially for our most vulnerable populations. As Supervisor, Otto will:

  • Support smart housing policies to create more housing while protecting our open and agricultural space.
  • Work with the county, cities and developers to provide affordable, local housing options for our most vulnerable populations including veterans, seniors, the disabled, and low-and-moderate income individuals and families.
  • Require new housing projects to provide affordable housing units and low and moderate income levels.

Homelessness & the Unhoused

The growing number of people forced to live on our streets, creekside and in their cars is unacceptable.  We need to get people off the streets and into temporary and permanent housing. As Supervisor, Otto will:

  • Work to increase both inpatient and outpatient mental health treatment and services so people living on the streets get the care they need, and reverse the trend of our county jail as the only viable inpatient mental health care system.
  • Explore using small, temporary housing options to help get families off the streets and into homes.
  • We have to create stable and viable options so encampments are not overwhelming our parks and neighborhoods.


Congestion is choking our community, stifling economic growth, hurting working class people, and worsening climate change. As Supervisor, Otto will:

  • Lead efforts to improve our public transportation system, including BART and VTA, better integrate our systems with each other, and continue to expand access to more communities.
  • Ensure the county is allocating sufficient resources to repair local roads and keep them in good condition.
  • Reduce traffic by adding lanes to connecting on and off-ramps, smart timing of traffic lights and grade separation, especially on county expressways, and lowering the travel time and costs of public transit, as well as ensuring that any new development projects do not add more cars on the road but instead reduce car usage by bringing housing closer to jobs.

Safe Community

The role our Supervisors have in keeping our community safe is our most important duty. The County is tasked with management and oversight of our sheriff’s and probation department, courts, jails, park rangers, and more to keep our day to day lives safe. We set the expectations for how our criminal justice functions locally, and that starts with ensuring our departments are fully staffed and doing their best to help our families, not harm them.  Otto will also work to fully fund our hospitals, including the Valley Medical Center, St. Louise Regional Hospital, and O’Connor Hospital that are vital to our community.

Our safety is built upon the work that we all do to stay prepared and aware, but also in making everyone feel safe within their neighborhood and community.